Is It Illegal to Get Assignment Help?

There’s no definitive answer to whether seeking assignment help is cheating and illegal. Some people believe that it’s cheating, and others don’t. So, it’s difficult to say one way or the other.

Several factors determine this, including what type of assignment it is, whether it falls under a penal law or just educational discipline rule and if there was explicit instruction not to do so.


It is often considered an academic offence to use services that do what you’re trying to get help with – writing the assignments for you. For example, if you were to write an essay about the Key West Butterfly Farm and use your friend’s paper or one from another site, this would likely be considered cheating.

The same goes for using online services to get other work completed, such as math, statistics, essay exams and different types of written assignments.

Not Illegal

First of all, outsourcing your assignment doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re cheating. That’s where the idea of outsourcing comes from. You give your work to someone else to do it for you while providing all the necessary resources.

As far as using a homework writing service goes, these assignments help companies provide courses that students often struggle with, such as math and humanities.

The Instructor Permitted You

Some schools allow students to seek homework assistance through Chegg or College Confidential services for homework, papers, and projects.

For example, suppose your professor told you to ask the online forum for help with your math problems or use them as references when writing a paper. In that case, this is not considered cheating because your teacher allowed you to seek outside assistance.

When in doubt, talk to your professor about the assignment before turning it in for credit. It’s not worth getting a poor grade, and it doesn’t look good if you’re forced to drop a class because of it. The good news, though, some professors will allow students to use outside sources, even if they tell you specifically not to.

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